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DIGITAL TIG 500 PULSE + MMA + Water cooling system

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DIGITAL TIG 500 PULSE + MMA + Water cooling system


  • Weight: 50.000 Kgs
Price: 3,600.00лв.
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Inverter TIG welding machine. The controller enables the selection and setting of various parameters of the current - rise time, duration and level of the amplitude at given ripple value and the decay time at the end of the process. Management ensures stable ignition and combustion of the arc, easy control of melting in the weld pool. All parameters are displayed on the digital display. The "pulse" allows precise control of energy transfer. Apparatus also has implications for arc welding and works as welder.

SPECIFICATIONS: - Type: IGBT inverter module

- Voltage: phase - 380-400 V / 50Hz

- Minimum power measurements - 25KVA

- Measurement duty cycle / 500A / - 60%

- Set pulse frequency range: 0,2-50 Hz

- Set Amperage: 5 - 500A

- Weight / net / - 50 kg.

- Machine dimensions: 643 x 334 x 575 mm.

The kit and the price of the machine include: 

- TIG torch with water cooling

- A cooling system: water tank + water pump

- Set welding cables for MMA welding


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