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VITO-MMA200 S IGBT Inverter welding + Display - 134 euro

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VITO-MMA200 S IGBT Inverter welding + Display - 134 euro




  • Weight: 4.300 Kgs
Price: 260.00лв.
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IGBT inverter welding  VITO - MMA200 S. These are electric welding with the latest development based on IGBT transistors for performing precise welding work in all kinds of electrodes. The advantages of these welding equipment are : Increased pulse load of the network - for companies that have limited power grid implementation of IGBT technology allows users to install more welding positions. Welding causes no interference in the network - the energy collected in the konderzatornata group smoothes dips and peaks in the line even at the time of welding. Precise control of welding current - voltage switching is done with IGBT transistors. They turn on and off at a frequency of 800 to 4000 times per second . Unlike all other welding machines that include welding of management , but remain on until the mains voltage passes through "0" when it is operated as transistors inclusion and exclusion , which allows precise control of the welding current . When it is the line voltage by up bridge circuit ( Larionov ) and filtered by a suitable capacitor to reduce its pulsations . Turning on and off of the transistors / unlike other welding methods / algorithms and is controlled to control the welding process are predictable . Only time the IGBT transistors are included ( pulse width ) determine the energy that is fed into the welding machine.


Inverter Welding for manual arc welding - IGBT technology
Built-in functions :
Function Hot Start - Easy arc ignition
Function Anti Stick - power outage to prevent adhesion of electrode material
Overvoltage protection .
Digital Display current output current
Small size - L / W / H: 32/12/20 cm
Welding range : 20 - 200A
Voltage: 220 V
Power input : 6,3 kVA
Electrodes : up to 4.0 mm including
Degree of Protection: IP23
Weight of the whole set: 6.8 kg
Weight only 4.3 kg - Welding
Supplied with welding cables , hammer and mask
Suitable for construction activities and for home use .



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