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500 Amps AC / DC PULSE TIG + MMA welding machine VITO

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500 Amps AC / DC PULSE TIG + MMA welding machine VITO


  • Weight: 75.000 Kgs
Price: 4,900.00лв.
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Source of inverter welding with water cooling system - for argon welding straight and AC developed in accordance with the latest inverter technology and European energy efficiency requirements. Multiprocessor controller with preset programs Synergic allows automatic adjustment and maintenance of the system depending on the type, material thickness, and position of the welded detail. Different working combinations of three different pulse shapes - rectangular, triangular or sinusoidal, and create a personal program to achieve the maximum effect of the combination of provara and self-cleaning of the weld. Pulse Mode allows precise control of energy transfer to the weld pool. These capabilities enable easy adaptation apparatus and perform the most precise technological operations. The device is equipped with a feature-MMA arc welding electrodes. The price of the machine include a cooling system - water tank with water pump plus water torch. SPECIFICATIONS: - Type: IGBT inverter module station - Voltage: phase - 380/400/410 / V + -15% / 50Hz - Minimum power measurements - 26KVA - Pulse frequency range of 0,2-20 Hz - AC frequency range 20 - 100Hz - Measurement duty cycle / 500A / - 60% - Set Amperage TIG - 20 - 500A - Set MMA Amperage - 20 - 500A - Buttons for 2 stroke and 4 stroke. - Dimensions of the unit only: height 72 cm, width 35 cm, length 75 cm. - Weight / net / - 75 kg.

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