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11 KW Diesel Three Phase Generator VITOLUX with Automatic Start-Stop panel and management

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11 KW  Diesel Three Phase Generator VITOLUX with  Automatic Start-Stop panel and management


  • Weight: 170.000 Kgs
Price: 4,150.00лв.
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 Diesel Generator "VITOLUX" three-phase and single phase power / combined /, power 11 KW, with built-in factory automation and control generator fully automatic start-stop dashboard that serve as automatic start ( stop) the generator in case (recovery) of primary power - guaranteed flawlessly and without any human intervention. In Blackouts in automatic stop-start panel control generator is mounted automatic timer that makes three consecutive attempts to start the generator. Automatic timer, after the restoration of electricity generator extinguish automatically after 1 minute of time. / NOTE: generator AUTOMATION who do not automatically start-stop timer BOARD MAKE ONE ATTEMPT TO START AND IN MOST CASES CAN NOT start the engine the generator they also need to be retrofitted and contactors IN RECOVERY normal ELECTRICITY take care not to bring the two values ​​and have a short circuit / . In our generators intelligent control panel has a built-in automatic two-way contactor that prevents the generator in case of normal power to bring electricity to the grid and back - recovery of normal electricity supply automatically stops the current from the generator to the electrical panel . When the generator is not a switch to automation, lighting generator is keyless - press the button to start it , which is the control panel. Generators with copper rotors and stators and are equipped with an automatic choke . Two-cylinder air-cooled engine , frequency : 50 Hz, oil tank : 2.8 liters Voltage: 230 +400 V, AVR / automatic voltage regullator / - embedded motherboard to automatically adjust and stabilize voltage circuit breaker overload the generator avtostarterno battery and ignition switch flowable - 4 wheels, two of which are with stopper machine . Maximum power: 11 kW, constant power output : 10,5 kW. There are 3 pieces outputs and one 230V outlet for 380V. Weight 170 kg . *** We have in stock also single-phase generators with the above features and a built factory automation.

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